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CD review TOKAME - Eres la tierra mas linda
From: Minou Spits 

We always get music in the hands of which we are surprised. In this case, the "Eres la tierra mas linda" is from the German-born "Cuban" band Tokame.
Tokame (spanish for (be) play me) is a band led by Branko Arnsek and consists of Cuban musicians living in Germany and Switzerland. When we played the CD, we had no idea what we could expect but the first number "Eres la tierra mas Linda" shows immediately where to go, and that promises something!
A swinging and surprising number changes the next one. Not a single moment bores the music, due to the musical mix, especially from Cuba with, among other things, Rumba "No te meta con migo", Chacha, Changui "En la Casa de Vicente", Salsa, Timba, even funk (okay, - that's not Cuban) and a title that would certainly not be out of place during the Carnival in Santiago de Cuba: "Look at me" is a true Conga even if the name suggests otherwise.
In conclusion I can say that this CD gets a prominent place in my CD collection and will be heard regularly in my house - with perhaps a little too loud volume. 

Tokame consists of:
Aquilla Fearon (voc) - Mayelis Guyat (vocals) - Michel Valdes Martinez (voc) -
Dalia Prada (p) - Oslen Ceballo Brian (tp) - Yuliesky Gonzales (tp) -
Tony Martinez (sax) - Ardile Ruiz (tb)
Alexander Febles (perc) - Felix Hernandez (perc) - Maurice Remedios (perc)
Branko Arnsek (b, arr, comp, lead)
The cd is available through google plays, iTunes & Amazon.