T O K A M E  

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B R A N K O s 

TOKAME is the "Cuban" orchestra under the baton of Slovenian bassist Branko Arnsek. The orchestra has already attracted a lot of attention with two previously released sound carriers, and not only in the Latin scene.
The band currently consists of twelve musicians, including three singers, four brass players, three percussionists and piano and bass. 

The regular cast includes musicians like Ardiles Ruiz (Elio Reve), Yuliesky Gonzales (Habana de primera, Los nuevos clasicos del son) as well as Dalia Prada (Son Damas) and Oslen Ceballo (Afro cuban all stars, Helene Fischer), Tony Martinez, Alexander Febles, Rey Ceruto, Guillermo Hernandez. Mayelis Guyat and Michel Valdes serve the Spanish-speaking part of the pieces, Aquilla Fearon (Alex Wilson) the English-speaking part. 

The band's repertoire draws from the reservoir of Cuban musical culture and transforms the tradition into a sound specific to the orchestra. Next to Changui like Elito Reve y su Charangon, or also Songo in the style of Los Van Van, also current Timba like Alexander Abreu with his band Habana de primera or Pupi with Los que son son playing them is processed in the pieces Tokames. The music is danceable and reflects the current trend of Cuban music. In addition, the orchestra is also available as a body for the Cuban classics. With guests of the old guard of Cuban singers and musicians, the band can repeatedly put on galas in scene.
In addition, there is a repertoire with Latin jazz in which the soloists appear accordingly.