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Tokame - Eres La Tierra Mas Linda
"Eres la tierra mas linda" is the second production of the German group Tokame, led by the Slovenian bassist Branko Arnsek. It was founded by Cuban musicians with "residecia" in Germany and Switzerland. Tokame debuted in 2010 with the recording "Con la clave" in which the Cuban singers mother Yaqueline and daughter Olvido Ruiz Castellanos took care of the vocals. For this new opportunity Arnsek invited the English singer Aquilla Fearon (Alex Wilson) and also the Cuban Mayelis Guyat, singer of the Berlin band Mi Solar.
Arnsek, who has lived in Germany since 1960, formed the Tokame group in 2001 and released both productions under his own 59music label. 

"En la casa de Vicente" is a rhythmic, danceable Changüi with the voice of Michel Valdes Martinez. The Paseo is an instrumental number, with Yuliesky Gonzales on the trumpet solo and Dalia Prada on the keys. Likewise we can hear Alexander Febles solo on Timbales. "Dime que tu quieres" reveals the soulful Facete Tokames with the unsurpassed singer Aquilla Fearon. 

Eres la tierra más linda; No te meta conmigo; Dime que tú quieres; El paseo; En la casa de Vicente; Mentiroso; Please tell me; Se acabo el abuso; Esa mujer; Look at me; Danzoneton 

Branko Arnsek: arrangements, composites and bass; Aquilla Fearon: singing; Mayelis Guyat: singing; Michel Valdés Martínez: singing; Dalia Prada: piano; Oslen Ceballo Brian: trumpet; Yuliesky Gonzales: trumpet; Tony Martinez: saxophone; Ardile Ruiz: trombone; Alexander Febles: percussion; Felix Hernandez: percussion; Maurice Remedios - percussion