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Sindelfingen / Stuttgart: New CD by Branko Arnsek and Tokame
Titlesong is a song of praise in Cuba 

Drumming together the musicians of the Cuban formation Tokame is not easy, after all the orchestra counts twelve musicians scattered about Germany and Switzerland. The strings are held together by the grown up in Sindelfingen jazz bassist Branko Arnsek. From him come the compositions of the now commercially available new CD "Eres la tierra mas linda".
Tokame is a Cuban "All-Star Band" and serves with its musical concept the Cuban audience as well as salsa dancers or lovers of jazz, latin-jazz and world music.
Five years ago, some of the emigrated professional musicians had already come together for the album "Con la clave", released under the name of Arnsek's ex-wife Yaqueline Castellanos and her daughter Olvido Ruiz.
It took about two years to produce the second studio recording by Tokame. Many of the pieces were created by repeatedly tossing ideas of composition that evolved from a rhythmic framework set by Arnsek. "We tried a lot and just looked at what ultimately suits best," says Arnsek about the development process. Compared to the previous album, the new disc has certainly become a lot danceable.
Busy is Tokame (in English: Touch Me) with two trumpets, saxophone and trombone, a rhythm section with congas, drums, timbales, piano and bass as well as a three-headed singer front. It consists of Michel Valdes Martinez and the singers Mayelis Guyat and Aquilla Fearon. The latter comes from England and has Jamaican roots. Arnsek wrote salsa titles especially for her in English. The Spanish texts are written by the Cuban Maria Luz Laffita.
The nearly nine-minute title song "Eres la tierra mas linda" - which translates as "You are the most beautiful country" and of course means Cuba - is a purebred Cuban salsa in the style of Los Van Van, the best-known of the Cuban orchestras. Martinez sings the Chagui "En la casa de Vicente", which is also the secret favorite of the orchestra.
Among the eleven compositions of the almost one-hour album are also instrumental tracks to individual musicians such as trombonist Ardiles Ruiz, who has immortalized already on CDs of Orquesta Revé, or trumpeter Yuliski Gonzales, who in bands like Havana D'Primera and the " Nuevos Classicos de Son "by Nene was to be highlighted. Dalia Prada, on the other hand, knows about Cuban music as a pianist and bandleader of the women's band "Son Damas".
Branko Arnsek knows that bringing the twelve-piece formation together on stage will not be easy. So far, performances in Freiburg, Hannover and Leverkusen are planned for the summer. But you can now thanks to the CD release also make its own Cuba party. As sales Arnsek has been able to win the Swiss label H'Art, which also brings his Gypsy swing CD "#One", recorded last year, with the Guttenberger Brothers to the market.
The Tokame "Eres la tierra mas linda" CD is available through the 59music music publisher (www.59music.com) from Branko Arnsek or the retailer H'Art.
The cover for the Tokame CD of grown in Sindelfingen Branko Arnsek has drawn the Hamburg Philip Waschmann. Picture: z
From our employee Thomas Volkmann