T O K A M E  

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B R A N K O s 

... The highlight was the band Tokame (to German: Berühr mich), which brought the jumbled auditorium of Domgymnasiums to shake. Exuberant and dancing, the formation was celebrated by the audience, who used their traditional music to transport much of the joie de vivre and sensuality of Cuba into the time-honored walls. It quickly became clear that Northern German mentality and Cuban music go together very well.
The formation burns passionately for their music. The musicians sang and played from all pores and spent themselves completely exhausted: a great concert experience. The visitors were blown away. They enjoyed the musical cocktail, the Caribbean lightness and the wonderful interplay of the musicians, as well as the enthusiastic interim applause repeatedly proved.
Strong - and very sexy - was presented by singer Mayelis Guyat, who forms the frontline with Fidel Hernandez Gonzales and whose voices fused again and again with the music to a sound so typical for this band. Passionate, sensual and erotic, Guyat moved her body with a gunloaded hip swing.
"We are carried away by the vitality and lightness of this music," said Henrike Neumann and her companion. She had become aware of the event by the newspaper article and decided to first look at Tokame.
"Anyone who does not experience this has really missed something," she said. "It is quite possible that we will not move on, but stay here for the rest of the evening." ...